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Server Owner / 1 Command

Command Name Aliases Description
-conf Define per-guild settings.

Bot Info

Command Name Aliases Description
-info details, what Provides some information about this bot.
-invite Displays the invite link of the bot, to invite it to your guild.
-ping Runs a connection test to Discord.
-stats Provides some details about the bot and stats.
-help commands Display Help for a command

Analyze / 11 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-age Calculate Age of zoomers (or boomers)
-butt ass, booty That's one heck of a wretched butt
-character-count characters, chars, length, charactercount Can't count number of characters? Use this command
-coolness cool Are you cool?
-dick penis, pee-pee, pp, peepee Smol pp
-gender guess-gender, guessgender Is Karen a woman or a man?
-guess-looks guesslooks You look ... gay?
-iq intelligence-quotient, intelligencequotient Yeah, this is big brain time
-psycho-pass crime-coefficient, psychopass, crimecoefficient Ever watched Psycho Pass?
-scrabble-score scrabble, scrabblescore This command will help you calculate Scrabble score (for smol brains)
-ship Forcefully ship people against their will

Anime & Manga / 5 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-anime Discover new anime (or hentai)
-character View details about your waifus (or other characters)
-manga Discover new manga (or doujins)
-read Read a manga (or doujin)
-watch Watch an Anime (or hentai)

Ask & Advice / 8 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-8ball magicball, eight-ball, eightball This 8ball shall answer all your retarded questions
-advice advice-slip, adviceslip, adviceslip Get useful advice (for real)
-charlie charlie-charlie, askcharlie, charliecharlie Yes? No?
-choose choice, choices Use this when you have last 2 braincells left
-fortune fortune-cookie, fortunecookie, fortunecookie As useless as horoscopes
-github-zen gh-zen, githubzen, ghzen View a random Github Design Philosophy (yeah, those exist)
-rate Rate stuff (or people)
-suggest-command random-command, i-am-bored, suggestcommand, randomcommand, iambored Bored?

Avatar Manipulation / 16 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-avatar-fusion avatarfusion Create a monstrosity
-bob-ross bobross There are no mistakes, just happy little accidents
-challenger A challenger Aproaches
-dexter Discover new types of Pokemon (your friends)
-hat Try out some hats
-he-lives-in-you helivesinyou Remember Lion King?
-hearts Show your love
-karen Karen wants to show you something
-photograph Look at this photograph, DAMNIT!
-power I HAVE THE POWER!!!
-rip F
-sip Most british command ever
-steam-card steamcard Steam Card...
-steam-now-playing steamnowplaying Playing Loli Simulator
-triggered Triggered?
-wanted If you kill this man, you have big brain

Events / 6 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-apod astronomy-picture-of-the-day, astronomypictureoftheday Astronomy Picture Of The Day (Just try it!)
-doomsday-clock doomsdayclock A doomsday clock, I suppose?
-humble-bundle humblebundle Trust me, You don't wanna miss out these humble bundles!
-is-twosday is-zero-twosday, istwosday, iszerotwosday True weebs know about Zero Twosday
-time timezone, time-zone, timezone Mr. Worldwide
-today-in-history todayinhistory See which cursed shit happened on this day in history

Facts / 4 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-catfacts cf, catfact "Meow Meow Meow" - Cat
-dogfacts df, dogfact, doggofacts, doggofact "Bork Bork Bork" - Dog
-fact Wanna see a fact stolen from wikipedia?
-number-fact numberfact I bet you had no idea numbers could be this interesting

Fun / 25 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-coin coinflip, flipcoin Is it heads or tails?
-compliment Use this if you can't compliment someone yourself
-draw-cards drawcards, drawcards Draw cards?...
-enchant enchantify ᒷリᓵ⍑ᔑリℸ ̣ ℸ ̣ᒷ·/ℸ ̣ ╎リℸ ̣𝙹 ᒲ╎リᒷᓵ∷ᔑ⎓ℸ ̣ ᒷリᓵ⍑ᔑリℸ ̣ᒲᒷリℸ ̣ ℸ ̣ᔑʖꖎᒷ ꖎᔑリ⊣⚍ᔑ⊣ᒷ
-joke Get a random unfunny joke
-kiss-marry-kill kiss-kill-marry, kill-kiss-marry, kill-marry-kiss, marry-kiss-kill, marry-kill-kiss, kissmarrykill, kisskillmarry, killkissmarry, killmarrykiss, marrykisskill, marrykillkiss Try using this command on your crush
-light-novel-title ln-title, lightnoveltitle, lntitle For your next light-novel
-meme m Stealing memes from reddit since 2019
-offspring child Get gender of your upcoming child (tho we all know you'll die a virgin)
-opinion Your opinions don't matter
-owoify owo, owofy OwO
-quantum-coin quantumcoin, q-coin, quantumcoin, qcoin Actually, quantum mechanics forbids this
-quote Get quotes from Senpai of the pool
-random-member random-user, randommember, randomuser Get a random target (ahem.. member)
-rick-roll rickroll Never gonna give you up!
-roast Roast your friends (or yourself?)
-security-key securitykey Get a password that's 100x better than your password
-smw-level smwlevel Ever wanted a weird Super Mario level name?
-snipe snipe, undelete Embarass your friends (or strangers)
-spam Spam? Spam!
-superpower Your superpower is gonna be 'Super fat' (nvm, Americans already have that superpower)
-tableflip fliptable Flip the darn table (in style)
-unenchant unenchantify Try using this command on description of "enchant" command
-would-you-rather wy-rather, wyr, wouldyourather, wyrather Would you rather?

Guild Management / 7 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-addlevelperk updatelevelperk, updatelevelperks, addlevelperks Give members a reason to level up
-addselfrole Create some weird af self roles
-deletelevelperk removelevelperk Yeet a level up perk
-deleteselfrole Yeet a self role
-levelperks viewlevelperks, getlevelperks View all the weird perks that you created for levelling up
-selfroles View Self roles
-token gen-token, generate-token, gentoken, generatetoken Generate a token to login with Animu App (IMPORTANT: Generating a new token will invalidate your previous token)

Image Manipulation / 17 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-achievement minecraft-achievement, minecraftachievement Sends a minecraft achievement with your text
-approved approve Draws an "approved" stamp over an image or a user's avatar
-brazzers Draws an image with the Brazzers logo in the corner
-circle Crop an image in circle shape
-color Get image of a color
-create-qr-code createqrcode Convert text to QR Code
-fire Draw a fiery border over an image or a user's avatar
-frame Draw a frame over an image or a user's avatar
-glitch Get glitched image or avatar
-ifunny Draw iFunny logo on an image or a user's avatar
-minecraft-skin minecraftskin View a user's Minecraft Skin
-pixelize Create your very own Japanese p*rn
-rainbow gay, homo, lgbt I diagnose you as gay
-rejected reject Draws an "Rejected" stamp over an image or a user's avatar
-robohash Get a robot generated based using your text
-shields-io shields-io-badge, shieldsio, shieldsiobadge Generate a Shields IO badge
-tint Draw a tint over an image or a user's avatar

Images & Videos / 9 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-eggs-get-laid eggsgetlaid When was the last time you got laid?
-fly Is that a fly on your screen?
-isnt-joke is-not-joke, isnot-joke, isntjoke, isnotjoke, isnotjoke Nope, that wasn't a joke
-its-joke is-joke, itsjoke, isjoke This one's a joke
-just-do-it motivate, justdoit Just Do It!
-light-dark dark-light, lightdark, darklight If you use light theme, you have smol pp
-ricardo I don't think I have to explain this command...
-waifu WAIFU!
-wynaut why-not, whynot Wynaut? (Seriously? Why not?)

Info / 10 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-avatar Shows a user's avatar
-channel channel-info, channelinfo, chinfo, channelinfo Get information about a channel
-discriminator discrim, search-discriminator, search-discrim, searchdiscriminator, searchdiscrim Search for other users with a certain discriminator
-first-message firstmessage, firstmsg, first-msg, firstmessage, firstmsg Get first message ever sent in a channel
-id userid, user-id, member-id, memberid, userid, memberid Get ID of a user
-message-source message-src, messagesource, msgsource, msgsrc, messagesource, messagesrc Get source of a message
-message message-info, messageinfo, msginfo, msg, messageinfo Get information about a message
-role role-info, roleinfo, rinfo, roleinfo Get information on a role with name
-server guild, server-info, serverinfo, sinfo, serverinfo Get information on the current server.
-user user-info, userinfo, uinfo, userinfo Get information about a user

Inventory / 6 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-account Get details about your bank account
-create-account createaccount Open a bank account
-deposit Deposit coins to the bank to earn interest after specific time
-give Give Coins or some item to another user
-inventory i, inv View inventory
-use useitem, use-item, useitem Use an item from inventory

Misc / 3 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-divorce divorce Divorce your partner
-leaderboards leaderboard View leaderboards
-marry marriage, wed, propose Marry someone

Moderation / 9 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-ban Bans a mentioned user. Optionally provide a reason as second argument
-givebadge addbadge, assignbadge, rewardbadge Give badge
-kick Kicks a mentioned user.
-mute Mutes a mentioned user
-purge Purges a certain amount of messages w/o filter.
-reputation rep Modify reputation
-softban Softbans a mentioned user
-unban Unbans a user.
-unmute Unmutes a mentioned user.

Multi-Player Games / 9 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-balloon-pop balloonpop The last to pump the balloon before it pops is the loser
-battle Engage in a turn-based battle against another user or the AI
-emoji-emoji-revolution eer, emojiemojirevolution Can you type arrow emoji faster than anyone else has ever typed them before?
-gunfight western-gunfight, westerngunfight Engage in a western gunfight against another user
-mafia Play a game of Mafia
-quiz-duel trivia-duel, quizduel, triviaduel Answer a series of quiz questions against an opponent
-russian-roulette russianroulette Play a game of Russian Roulette
-tic-tac-toe tictactoe Play a game of tic-tac-toe with another user
-word-chain wordchain Try to come up with words that start with the last letter of your opponent's word

Music / 10 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-loop Loop a queue
-nowplaying np View currently playing music
-pause Pause the Music
-play pl Play Music (Using Lavalink)
-queue q View music Queue
-remove rem Remove a song from queue
-resume unpause Resume/Unpause the Music
-skip Skip a song
-stop Stop Music
-volume vol Change volume

Pet / 4 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-kickpet removepet Kick your pet
-namepet changepetname, updatepetname Change name of your pet
-pet petinfo View info about your pet
-playwithpet petplay Play with your pet

Pictures / 5 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-birdpic bird, bpic, birdo View random bird pic
-catpic cat, cpic, catto View random cat pic
-dogpic dog, dpic, doggo View random dog pic
-duck duckpic, ducko View random duck pic
-fox fox, fpic View random fox pic

Profile / 7 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-badges b, badge View your badges
-daily d, checkin, work Get daily coins
-editprofile ep, profiledit, pedit, editp, edit, editprofile Edit profile
-profile p, member View profile
-register Register profile
-setbadge sb, activeBadge, selectBadge Set a badge as active badge
-setup Setup profile for this guild

Reactions & Actions / 21 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-angry Woah chill there
-confused Confused? Hmm
-cry crying Gonna cry?
-cuddle Cuddle with someone
-dab dabbing Wanna dab?
-embarrased Feeling embarrased?
-excited Excited?
-happy a Feeling happy?
-hug Hug someone and make their day a little better
-kiss No homo
-laugh laughing MWAHAHAHAHA
-lewd lewding Feeling Lewd?
-pat Pat some lolis
-punch Take your anger out on someone
-sad Feeling sad?
-shoot Gotta shoot em all
-slap Slap em!
-sleepy Feeling... sle..pyy?.
-smile smiling :)
-stab Stab someone
-think thinking Thonking?

Roleplay / 7 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-d10 Roll D10 Dice
-d100 Roll D100 Dice
-d12 Roll D12 Dice
-d20 Roll D20 Dice
-d4 Roll D4 Dice
-d6 Roll D6 Dice
-d8 Roll D8 Dice

Search / 24 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-book Get info about a book
-bulbapedia Search Bulbapedia about something
-define Define a word
-deviantart Get an image from deviantart
-github Get info on a Github Repo
-know-your-meme knowyourmeme Get info about a meme
-league-of-legends league-of-legends-champion, league-of-legends-champ, league-champ, lol-champ, leagueoflegends, leagueoflegendschampion, leagueoflegendschamp, leaguechamp, lolchamp Get complete information about a League Of Legends Champion
-movie tmdb, imdb, tmdb-movie, tmdbmovie Get details about a movie
-nasa nasa-image, search-nasa, nasaimage, searchnasa Search NASA archives for an image
-npm nasa-image, search-nasa, nasaimage, searchnasa Show information about an NPM package
-osu Get info on a OSU User
-pixiv Search Pixiv for illustrations
-pokedex pokemon Search the Pokédex for a Pokémon
-recipe Search for a recipe
-reddit reddit-user, u/, reddituser Get info about a Reddit user
-stackoverflow Search Stackoverflow for you question
-steam Search steam for a game
-stocks Get current stocks for a symbol
-tv-show tmdb-tv-show, tv, tmdb-tv, imdb-tv, imdb-tv-show, tvshow, tmdbtvshow, tmdbtv, imdbtv, imdbtvshow Get details about a TV Show
-urban ud, urbandictionary Searches the Urban Dictionary library for a definition to the search term.
-weather Show weather info of a location
-wikia fandom Search a fandom wikia
-wikihow Search Wikihow
-wikipedia wiki Search wikipedia

Shop / 3 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-item View an Item
-purchase buy Purchase an Item
-shop View Shop

Single-Player Games / 13 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-blackjack Play a game of blackjack
-box-choosing box-choose, choose-box, higurashi, boxchoosing, boxchoose, choosebox Do you believe that there are choices in life? Taken from Higurashi Chapter 4
-chance 1-in, one-in, 1in, onein Attempt to win with a 1 in 1000 (or your choice) chance of winning
-doors door, door-opening, open-door, monty-hall, dooropening, opendoor, montyhall Open the right door, and you win the money! Make the wrong choice, and you get the fire!
-fishy fishing Go fishing
-hangman Prevent a man from being hanged by guessing a word as fast as you can
-hunger-games hunger-games-simulator, hunger-games-sim, hungergames, hungergamessimulator, hungergamessim Simulate a Hunger Games match with up to 24 tributes (comma seperated list)
-math-quiz mathquiz See how fast you can answer a math problem in a given time limit
-rock-paper-scissors rps, rockpaperscissors Play Rock-Paper-Scissors
-roulette Play a game of roulette
-slots Play a game of slots
-sorting-hat sorting-hat-quiz, hogwarts, hogwarts-house, sortinghat, sortinghatquiz, hogwartshouse Take a quiz to determine your Hogwarts house
-typing-test typingtest See how fast you can type a given sentence

Tools / 2 Commands

Command Name Aliases Description
-remindme remind, rm Creates a reminder
-todo Manage Todos