This guide will help you set up Levels, Exp Rate, Exp Time, Exp Blacklists, and much more.

Note: You can use Animu Companion App to perform all of this stuff with an easy to use UI.

If you just want simple leveling system... well, you don't have to do anything as leveling system is already enabled. To view leader-boards, use this command

-leaderboards levels

Before we proceed any further, there are few things you should know regarding how leveling works in Animu. Animu uses 2 factors to determine exp, expRate and expTime. Exp Rate determines how much exp should be given per message, by default it's 1 (1 exp/message). Exp Time determines for how many seconds should Animu wait before giving exp to the same person again, It's 3 by default (3 seconds).

To change expRate or ExpTime, use following commands

-conf set expRate 1
-conf set expTime 3

Setting Up Level up Perks

There are 3 types of rewards in Animu:

  • Badge
  • Role
  • Reputation

To set up a perk, you just have to use this command:

-addlevelperk 10 badge Weebling

Where 10 is level that you want to give this rewards on, badge is type of reward and Weebling is the name of the badge.

To get help about addlevelperk command, use this command:

-help addlevelperk

Note: If you're assigning a role as a reward, make sure you have created that role

Setting up Blacklisted Channels

To set a channel as blacklisted, use this command:

-conf set ignoreExpChannels #channel

Where #channel is the channel you wish to add to blacklist (You have to #mention the channel)

Setting up Blacklisted Roles

A blacklisted role will still earn exp and level up, but exp/level won't show up on their profile. It's useful for server owners/admins.

-conf set ignoreLevelRoles @role

Hope that guide helped you out, If you want more guides like this, let us know in the comments below ;)