Before we get started, make sure you have Animu in your server. Let's get started now!

Create a channel where you want members to be able to get self roles

Create channel dialog box

Now create roles that you want users to be able to get

Create new role tab

Send a message in the self roles channel

Self roles message

Now use this command to select your self roles channel:

-conf set selfRolesChannel #self-roles

Replace **#self-roles** with your own self roles channel

-conf set selfRolesChannel #self-roles

Now we will set self roles message with following command

-conf set selfRolesMessage 632846106644054017

Please Note that number in the above command is ID of your message, Use this link to learn how to get Message ID

Now with that being set, you can use -addselfRole command to create new self roles whenever you want, if you wish to learn more about this command, use -help addselfrole

Here's an example:

-addselfrole :shrek: Shrek Follower

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