Every Animu User has a profile, Your profile contains following details:

  • Name
  • ID
  • Description
  • Level
  • Married To
  • Favorite Anime
  • Badge
  • Profile Wallpaper
  • Profile Color

To view your profile, use this command:


Or if you wish to view someone else's profile:

-p @person
Where @person is the person you wish to view profile of

To Customize Description, Favorite Anime or Profile Color, You can use this command:

-pedit description Some description here
-pedit favoriteAnime Anime 1, Anime 2, Anime 3
-pedit profileColor #2196f3
Please Note that profileColor must be Hexadecimal


Badges can be given by server owner/admins, or by leveling up in a server (If owner has set up level up perks).

To check your badges, use this command:


Only the active badge will show up on your profile. To set active badge, use this command:

-setBadge Weebling
Where "Weebling" is the badge you wish to set as active

Profile Wallpaper

You can get profile wallpaper by opening a Profile Wallpaper Box. These can be purchased from shop.

To check your wallpapers, use this command:


To set a wallpaper on your profile, use this command:

-pedit profileWallpaper Naruto 1
Where "Naruto 1" is the name of the wallpaper you wish to set on your profile

These were the basics of Profiles. If you wish to know more, let us know in the comments below.