Here are some reasons why Anime is far better than American cartoons:

  • Anime has incredible animation, watch any fight scenes from any of the popular anime and you'll realize what I mean
  • Anime has far better story than American cartoons that mostly follow a childish plot. Anime stories are rich and cater to a wide range of audience
  • Awesome Songs! You already knew this one was gonna be on this list, didn't you?
  • Anime characters are far more expressive than American characters. Anime characters feel different and unique from rest of the characters
  • Anime has different genres unlike American cartoons. Wanna watch a time travel anime? Steins;gate. What about an anime with giant-man eating titans? Attack on titan. Wanna watch an anime where characters are stuck in a a game? Sword Art Online (Don't hate me for this one please)

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